720 West Lookout Drive Richardson, TX 75080
9PM Saturday, April 22 to 9PM Sunday, April 23

16th Annual Reading of the Names

Program: Sponsored by Congregation Beth Torah Men's Club, the 24-hour Reading of the Names is an annual event in which volunteers sign up in 15 minute increments to read the names of those perished in the Holocaust. The names are read continuously for 24 hours. If you prefer not to read, please feel free to stop by at any time to listen to the names.

WHY? Many of the victim’s names have not been mentioned in over 70 years. Most of the time, the victims were only known by their number. You have the opportunity to rekindle their spirit by reading and/or listening to their names.

HOW? Sign up in Congregation Beth Torah’s (CBT) lobby or call CBT to read names at (972) 234-1542.

Don't live here?? Want to Skype in?? contact Jeff at ReadingNames@congregationbethtorah.org

720 West Lookout Drive
Richardson, TX 75080
April 30, 8:30AM - 12:00PM

Karen Leynor Mitzvah Day

Our annual KLMD honors the wife of our former rabbi, Jeffrey Leynor. Karen, a social worker who truly enjoyed helping others, died tragically at the age of 38 from a brain aneurysm. Projects, both on-site and off, will be available for sign-up and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Karen Leynor Mitzvah Day is proud to support Beth Torah’s Keruv (Interfaith welcoming) initiative by opening our tent and encouraging all to attend – especially those who are part of interfaith families.

As always, anyone is welcome to attend a Beth Torah event. Like Keruv, our mission is to make every family feel as if they belong in a conservative synagogue with no pressure to convert or change except to raise their children in a Jewish household and observe Jewish rituals.

Please join with us Sunday April 30 from 8:30 – 12:00 and volunteer for one of the agencies we have partnered with to help our community. Together, we can make a difference.

Want to lead a project or just want information about leading one? Contact Beth Mond at social_action@congregationbethtorah.org


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